Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Let’s chat: Pretty Little Liars!

ABC family's "Pretty Little Liars" concluded it's summer season last night with what I can only describe as a ridiculously intense summer finale. I love this show but find it so infuriating sometimes because when they finally give you the much hyped answers they don't really answer anything. I have so many thoughts about this but let's start with my review of last night's episode "The Lady Killer".

My Review: While I must say this was one of the best episodes Pretty Little Liars has ever done I can't help but feel slightly disappointed. I guess I just don't get why they spent an entire half season and the whole summer finale focused on a person and story who had absolutely nothing to do with the "A" team. I can say that with certainty because PLL Writer Brian Holdman was asked by a fan on twitter if Nate was a part of the A team he responded, “Nate was just a psycho stalker. Totally freelance.” and just in case you are wondering, when a fan asked Bryan "So just to be clear---- Nate killed maya right!?" he replied "Absolutely. Nate was Maya's stalker from Tru North and he killed Maya." So I have to ask, why spend so much time on someone who was not really relevant to the story? I personally think it would have been better to have her killed by the new psycho dead body stealing A, but they didn't ask me.

I wasn't surprised at all by the fact that it was Nate who killed Maya, I saw that coming. However the revelation of it did leave me with a few questions:

         - Why would Mona give these messages to Hanna and Aria in her secret code
          "Maya Knew" "Not Safe" and "" if her death did not have
          anything to with the A team? Unless there is more to this story.... Which is 
          possible but at this point I don't see how they would make that make sense.

         - Why was the A team trying to pin Maya's murder on Paige if they knew for 
          certain that no one on the A team had anything to do with Maya's death? Unless they                   
          were just trying to get Garrett out of jail... Which leads me to....

         - Do we now know for certain that Garrett is on the A team? At the end of the episode 
          Mona says that she wouldn’t have escaped if she knew that Garrett would get released         

     from jail, so was she trying to bust him out? Why would they do that if he was totally
          innocent of the A team. If this is in face true it leads me to believe maybe Jenna is not     
          on the A team since she was the one who made Garrett look guilty to begin with. I just  
          don't see why should would turn on an A team member but then the A team still want to 
          help Garrett.

By the end of the episode I wasn't surprised that it was Toby in the black hoodie, they pretty much implied this through the whole episode but I am just not buying him as a bad guy. I mean I guess it's possible but here are my reasons why I just don't buy it:

         - In the episode "Stolen Kisses" He angrily tells Spencer "if you won't give me answers, I        
          will find them myself" They made a point of reminding you of this in the beginning during
          the recap. He has genuinely seemed clueless but perceptive about the new A until that   
          point when he left "to get answers". Maybe its wishful thinking but I think this revelation
          of him being on the A team has more to do with him getting answers than it does him 
          being a psycho who wants to ruin his girlfriends life.

         - In season 2 A rigged the scaffolding outside of Spencer's house to collapse while Toby   
          was up on it working. It seems completely unrealistic that he would try and hurt himself.
         - He was set up to take the fall for Allison's murder in season 1. Why would A do that if     
          he was on the A team at that point?

Which leaves me with the question, How long has he actually been on the A team? I can't see how he could have been on it the whole time but I also can't see the Head Honcho A being stupid enough to let him in after knowing he was with Spencer. See what I mean? The answers don't really answer anything, they just give you more questions! 

Random thoughts and Additional Questions:

- How heart braking Caleb was shot rescuing Emily and even more so Hanna completely distraught as he is being loaded in the Ambulance. (still with perfect hair)

- It was really interesting that Emily got that call from "A" saying "you have one minute, get out" and then Nate returned a minute later. Was A trying to save Emily? 

- What was the note Emily found in Nate's book? It only had Emily's name and address on it in the return address space. Was Nate planning on sending a note to someone like it had come from Emily?

- Poor Aria is really out of her mind not telling Ezra he has a kid. We all know he will find out she knew. Does she really see this one working in her favor?  

- A Pretty Little Liars finale without one trace of Allison just seems odd and wrong.

- Where did Jenna go? And Jason? And Melissa? 

- Where is Allison's body? Oh I hope Toby doesn't have it! 

So much to think about! I can't wait for the Halloween episode! I think it's going to be pretty amazing, a "Ghost Train" party seems pretty freaky! 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Confessions of a Product Junkie:

               Dry Shampoo Edition!

          Whoever invented Dry Shampoo should be given an award,
       like the “You are a genius any my hair thanks you” award.
       If that actually existed...... they would totally get it!

      I love my long hair but sometimes the work it requires
       to manage is annoying. I wasn’t born with the kind of
       hair you can just air dry and style. It’s the not quite        
       curly, not at all straight and really just frizzy kind. Needless 
       to say I try to go as long as possible in between washes. 
       Thanks to Dry Shampoo I can keep the freshly washed look 
       longer! Here’s the genius part, my hair actually looks better        
       the days I use it, it adds the kind of volume I can never 
       achieve with anything else. Yeah that’s amazing!  

I’ve tried almost all of them but here are a few of my favorites! 

     Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Spray

         Pronto thoroughly and effectively soaks up oil, removes 
         product buildup and boosts volume. With a fresh lemon 
         verbena scent, this one definitely smells the best. Plus it’s 
         formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, 
         Petro-Chemicals, Phthalates, GMO and Triclosan.

                      3.2 Ounce $23 or 1.2 ounce $11  
                         Available at

Oscar Blandi

             Ojon Full Detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray

              This dry shampoo fortified with hair-repairing 
                         golden elixir plus purifying Soap Bark Tree
                         Extract that cleans, refreshes, and adds volume.
                         Hair looks, feels, and smells freshly washed.
                         Also it is formulated WITHOUT: Parabens, Synthetic
                         Fragrances, Synthetic Dyes, Phthalates and Triclosan

                                   1.8 ounce $13 and 4.1 ounce $24
                                   Available at


          Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo

     So light, it literally feels like nothing—but really freshens hair. 
     It provides a clean, concentrated burst of spray-on

     powder that effectively cleans, adds texture and boosts volume!

                                4.0 ounce $8.99
                         Available at

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Popchips Giveaway with Katy Perry!

By Ann CsincsakVintage Sweet & Chic

Katy Perry is definitely a California girl at heart. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, her beach bum looks have morphed into a style that is fun, sophisticated and edgy. In the latest issue of ELLE, Katy admits that she can’t be the bubblegum queen forever, but with five hit singles from her first album, she is certainly entitled to ride the wave for a while. While her stage outfits are nothing less than over the top, her street attire has an entirely different vibe. We often see her carrying Chanel purses, sporting Alice and Olvia tops and rocking Marc Jacobs flats – proving that she is no stranger to awesome style.
Her first look is a great representation of her style: playful and young but with an edge.
Cupid's Pulse, get the look, katy perry
1.Alice and Olivia (actual), SOLD OUT.  Club L Top (pictured above), $29
2.Forever 21 Studs, $3.95
3.ELF Studio Gloss, $3 MUST HAVE!
4.Milly Black Suede Flats, $56
5.Alice and Olivia Floral Capri (actual), $195
Her second look shows off more of her girly side. This look is great for a dinner date with that special someone. Men love women in a dress – it shows off their curves and their feminine side.
Cupid's Pulse, get the look, katy perry
1.Wheels & Doll Baby Belted Floral Tea Party holiday Dress (actual), $28 Pale Pink Cardigan, $50
3.Christian Louboutin Burgundy Heels, $170 DEAL from, COLOR STYLE WATCH
4.Marc Jacobs Grey “Murray” bag, $395
5.Butter Polish ‘Sloan Ranger’, $14.00 COLOR STYLE WATCH
Take cues from this pop star and never be afraid to change your look. Explore different styles and always try to remember to set the trends rather then follow them, just like Katy.

This weeks GIVEAWAY is from Popchips newest investor and spokeswoman, Katy Perry! Popchips will be delivering, right to your door, a month-supply of their newest TORTILLA FLAVOR CHIPS!

TO ENTER: Go to Twitter and tell @anncsincsak (that’s me!) and @popchipsCO who your three favorite designers are, along with the hashtag #katypops. We will pick a winner from Twitter once the contest is completed, and you will receive your shipment ASAP!

BeachMint Style Finder!

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  This luxury jewelry collection fuses the eclectic tastes of style icon Kate Bosworth, and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. All styles priced at $29.99!
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Actress Rachel Bilson and celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez have partnered with award-winning fashion and footwear expert Steve Madden. Each collection exudes Rachel's signature style, Nicole's fashion expertise, and Steve's extraordinary craftsmanship. All styles $79.99!

Article by Contributing Cashmere and Coco Writer, Amanda Jayne
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jewelry Storage Review

For my anniversary my wonderful husband decided to buy me a much needed jewelry storage mirror. Now until about 1 month ago i didn't even know they existed but after much research he landed on the Powell Dakota Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe with Full-Length Mirror, Antique Black.

This one seemes to have the most bang for your buck, size, storage, sterdy, and very cute (in my opinion)! After it arrived today from brown santa I fell in love but have a few tweeks I would make before ordering another one. 

-There are only 2 sections for hanging necklace and as you can see there was space to put more hooks but it did not have any more. 
-There is no where specifically for bracelets
-The ring area is GREAT!
-The earring section could also be a lot bigger, most girls i know would fill that area up in a second

Overall review i give this a 7 out of 10!
Sturdiness/Durability- 9
Look/Appeal- 9
Size- 8
Jewelry storage-6
Assembly- 4 (very hard to put together and definitely a 2 person job!
Cost- 6 (a little pricey)

 For more tips and reviews follow me on #pinterest at @anncsincsak or twitter!

Check out some of the smaller options for jewelry below!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Celebrity Fall Must Haves

After seeing tons of fabulous looks on pinterst and in the covers of the September issues of Vogue, ELLE, and InStyle Magazine I have started searching for the perfect oversized sweater. Lauren Conrad and Miranda Kerr definitely have this look down to a science. Check out a few MUST HAVE items that these girls are styling!

Click on image to ZOOM

Make sure to leave a comment on your favorite fall looks! Follow me on pinterest @anncsincsak and twitter for more fabulous finds!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Long Cardigan

I just returned from the LA Fashion Market and I am love with some of the fall and winter trends that we are seeing hitting the racks right now. One that I am already saving closet space for is Long cardigans, and i mean LONG! A lot of the designers are showing floor length cardigans, sweaters, and dresses and a few great examples are hitting the pages of Pinterest now so CHECK THEM OUT!

Pinterest find! Still trying to track down the designers but I am IN LOVE!
A few of your favorite celebs are already channeling the trend for late summer/fall fashions!

Jennifer Lopez, Goddis Naples Sweater $3590

TIP- This trend is going to be everywhere so don't run out and break the bank on this look. My boutique is going to be carrying an AMAZING version of this in the next few weeks from Blue Bird Clothing
Vanessa Hudgens, Goddis Naples Sweater, $229  GREAT FIND
This amazing sweater worn by both celebrities I was able to find for a fraction of the price from The Trend Boutique

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To check our my boutique in colorado online go to

Friday, August 17, 2012

Pinterest Fall Looks- Hunter Green!

The look i love for today is a perfect way to kick off fall fashion! I was digging through my september issue of Vogue Magazine and these colors are everywhere in the pages of the fashion forward mag. Hunter Green, burgandy, muted floral, and metallics are all the rage for fall and this look has one of my favorites to start it all off HUNTER GREEN!
TIP- If you find a great look you dont have to find the exact pieces just find what works for you and your price point!

These Boots pictured are to die for but they are Christian Louboutin and they are $2,295 at Bergdorf's

*I will show you a great alternative to this amazing look, look below!

Fabulous Fall Trend from Pinterest! Follow me on pinterest @anncsincsak

Jessica Simpson in her Oversized Green Theory Sweater featured on, $205

Love both of these sweaters! The price might not be a forever 21 price but these are going to be great pieces you wear all the way through spring!, $195
Rachel McAdams in Oversized Green Sweater featured above from

 Suede is a HUGE trend coming back in for fall so if you can find a great suede boot for the right price grab them! 
Michael KorsYork Knee Boot, $295 SPLURGE!

Well check back to my blog regularly for many great looks from celebrities, pinterest, and magazines and see how to get the looks for yourself!
For fashion finds find me on pinterest @anncsincsak or twitter!

Charlize Theron LOVE Hunter green!

Untitled #36

Doctor bag
$31 -

Cargo blush

Lancôme mascara

Revlon black eye makeup
$12 -

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fabulous Fall Finds!

Going into Fall their are tons of trends to be on the lookout for! Some of my favorite colors to watch for are Slate Grey, Oatmeal, Continuing with mint and the Jewel Colors. 

I have some of my favorite Fall styles and how to get them below!

This look has been seen all over Pinterest for the last few weeks and im in LOVE. I have found a few similar pieces that i love at a GREAT price point, every girls favorite thing to hear!

Pastel Texture Pinafore Dress $94

This Dress is a gorgeous must have staple for your fall wardrobe! for only $94!

TIP-If you find a dress that is a little on the short side that you can't live without add some tights or leggings for refined style. (pictured above)
Staring at Stars Fleck Stitch Cardigan, Urban Outfitters $59


This last find is staying right on trend for fall with the natural gemstones and a GREAT PRICE! If you are a fan of the Bachelor or Bachelorette than you probably noticed all of Emily Maynard's gorgeous jewelry this season. All of it is from Towne and Reese and fabulously priced brand of jewelry!

Towne and Reese Ruby Necklace,, $39.95

Don't be affraid to start off some of these fall fashions now! Grab your favorite summer dress and pair it with a cardigan to kick off fall fashion!

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