Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Jewelry Storage Review

For my anniversary my wonderful husband decided to buy me a much needed jewelry storage mirror. Now until about 1 month ago i didn't even know they existed but after much research he landed on the Powell Dakota Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe with Full-Length Mirror, Antique Black.

This one seemes to have the most bang for your buck, size, storage, sterdy, and very cute (in my opinion)! After it arrived today from brown santa I fell in love but have a few tweeks I would make before ordering another one. 

-There are only 2 sections for hanging necklace and as you can see there was space to put more hooks but it did not have any more. 
-There is no where specifically for bracelets
-The ring area is GREAT!
-The earring section could also be a lot bigger, most girls i know would fill that area up in a second

Overall review i give this a 7 out of 10!
Sturdiness/Durability- 9
Look/Appeal- 9
Size- 8
Jewelry storage-6
Assembly- 4 (very hard to put together and definitely a 2 person job!
Cost- 6 (a little pricey)

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