Monday, April 15, 2013

Etsy Jewelry Lines Worth Seeing!

Etsy is full of cute things but it takes some dedicated searching to find great stuff at great prices! We found some jewelry lines worth taking a look at, they're not only cute but super affordable! Just click the shop name in the descriptions to check out the stores!

Naturally Jeweled offers unique handmade jewelry made with beautiful semi-precious stones and lead free metals!
100% positive rating – Priced $5-$30

Aaanouk offers custom raw stone designs!
98% positive rating – Priced $18-$49

Nearly Lost uses luxe metals and genuine raw gemstones! 100% positive rating – Priced $35-$150

Himediy Shop has exact replicas of current and past J.Crew and other popular designer jewelry at a fraction of the cost!
95% positive rating – Priced $5-$55

J Shine Jewellrey carries tons of designer replicas including multiple colors of the popular Kate Spade ‘Field Day’ Necklace!
100% positive rating – Priced $2-$45

Finger Food Delight might be the funniest thing I have seen in a long time, little plates of food on rings. So weird yet strangely irresistible!  
100% positive rating – Priced $3-$21

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