Thursday, January 17, 2013

Celebrity Fashion Disasters: Stunning to Startling

It’s true that no one is perfect, we all have our days of fashion missteps. Even some of the most stylish celebrities have their moments. There are some cases though that far exceed the common fashion missteps and border on just plain startling. We thought it would be fun to share!

This Smash start usually hits the red carpet looking sleek, stylish and sophisticated. We’re not quite sure what happened this day… The dress alone wouldn’t be completely horrible, but the moment she put on those black high-tops she went from “somewhat stylish” to startling.

Mrs. Timberlake is rarely seen in a less than stylish state but this day, someone got a little crazy with the studded leather and beads! The jacket and the beaded top could be great pieces on their own, but I’m not sure fully studded leather pants are ever a good idea… Unless of course you are spending the day riding with the Hell’s Angels, which in that case this look would be perfectly acceptable. Maybe even encouraged.

 This Disney star turned X Factor judge is a beautiful and talented girl. The way she faced her issues with mood and eating disorders, is extremely courageous and we really admire the fact that she has embraced her gorgeous curves! That being said, we can’t figure out what was going through her head the day she picked out this ensemble. Sadly there isn’t a redeeming quality to any piece of this odd get-up!

Krysten is such a pretty girl. However we much prefer her Cinderella look rather than this scary dominatrix vibe she has going. Someone should probably put away “50 Shades of Gray” and go on a Disney princess movie marathon. 

This petite actress has hit the red carpet a few times in what one may call a “questionable” ensemble, but usually Mena hits it out of the park with the stunning style. We’re not really sure what was going on this night. I’m not sure if those are feathers or flowers but wow this look is too fluffy for anyone.

Miley has never been known for her “good judgement” but the girl had been known to clean up quite nicely. Recently though she’s taken the "Rebel" to a whole new level, really it’s just not right for someone as cute as Liam Hemsworth to walk around with bettlejuice on his arm. We’re concerned that Miley may be one K-Fed and a head shave short of a Britney Spears 5150 meltdown.

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