Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sites We Love: Rent the Runway

This is one of those genius ideas I wish was mine… a perfect solution for the eternal problem of ‘a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear’ dilemma. Coupled with the curse of exquisite taste and a modest budget dressing for an event, that requires a level of fabulousness unobtainable to the average earning female, becomes dreadful. Well dread no more!!! 

Meet Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss, two Harvard grads who double as every girls fairy godmother. Together they came up with the genius site Rent the Runway! 

Rent the Runway provides it's members the ability to rent designer dresses, accessories and other essentials for approximately 10% of retail prices. And membership is free!! 

Now I know you are thinking, how would this work? What if it doesn’t fit? Well they have thought of everything! 

Here are some of our favorite things available on Rent the Runway!

 Still not sold? Check out some of the other great styles available on Rent the Runway below!

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