Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Bargain Babe's Jewelry Box

Jewelry for less than:
               $10, $15, $20 & $25

Don’t you hate when you find a great piece of jewelry you have to have….. and then you see the price? These days it seems like everything just gets more and more expensive and accessories aren’t always in the budget. Well we’ve got you covered! We found super cute jewelry for super great prices! Now you can say yes to that adorable dress and get accessories to match! 


Peacock Necklace-, Elegant Cuff-, Lariat Tassel Necklace-, Bow Necklace-, Cityscape Collar Necklace-, Reaching Out Ring-, Asymmetric earrings-, Leaf Wrap Ring-, Wrapped Arrow Cuff-, Sparkling Stone Ring-, Stone Drop Earrings-, Geo Drop Earrings-, Chain Wrap Sparkle Cuff-, Abstract Earring-, Layered Leaves Bangle-


Deco Necklace-, Treasured Stone Cuff-, Vintage Bow Earrings-, Jewel Bauble Necklace-, Art Nouveau Earrings-, Sleek Stone Ring-, Divine Divided Earrings-, Geode Necklace-, Midnight Bracelet-, Free-Spirit Filigree Cuff-, Embellished Cuff-, Jewel Ring-, Dangling Earrings- Zig-Zag Metal Cuff -, Stone Cocktail Ring-, Collar Necklace-


Wicked Necklace-, Black Oval Ring-, Ancient Heiress Necklace-, Path Of Beauty Bracelet-, Asos Deco Chain Earrings-, Lourdes Earrings- Cashmere And Coco accessories, Ivory Cobra Cuff-, Trixie Ring- Cashmere and Coco accessories, Nature Earrings-, Spring Stone Ring-, Joy Black Bracelets- Cashmere and Coco Accessories, Blissful Bauble Bib-, Asos Mirrored Earrings-, Paneled Painted Cuff -, Cabachon Stud Earrings-, Snake Stone Cuff-


Bellatrix Bangle- Cashmere and Coco accessories, Gold Bow Bracelet-, Copper Link Cuff-, Deco Drops-, Onyx Two Tier Drops-, Black Crystal Ring- baublebar.comModern Mineral Collar-, Pink Twin Bracelet-, Inez Earrings- Cashmere and Coco Accessories, Blossoming Bauble-, Silver Gem Ring Trio- baublebar.comSilver Arrow Ring-, Kenzie Earrings - Cashmereand Coco Accessories, Purple Stone Ring-

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